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About Us


"The MoringaMutual Trust is a Charitable Trust Organization established in 2009 to spread awareness about Moringa Oleifera and to promote Moringa Worldwide. As well as finding markets in Europe and the rest of the world The MoringaMutual Trust is working to provide finance and assistance to small hold subsistence farmers wishing to organize themselves into sustainable Moringa cooperatives to provide for their communities in rural Africa"

Our Products

Our Moringa products are of the highest quality and sourced from the most potent strains of Moringa. Our Moringa is 100% organic, contains no GM contaminants, is packaged within recognized standards of hygiene and stored so that it reaches you in near perfect condition.

Our Moringa Leaf Powder capsules are completely vegetarian and contain no gluten whatsoever again all capsules are filled and packaged so that they do not contain any contaminants and reach you in optimal condition.

Great Prices

We are able to bring you Moringa at very competitive prices due to the fact that we are a Non-Profit making organisation which has affordability for the end consumer as one of our core aims. In fact we exist to provide fairness and value all along the supply chain, from farmers, workers and producers to our resellers and consumers.

We will, with your help, continue to seek new ways in which to increase benefit to all through economies of scale, new and sustainable methods of production and minimalist packaging so that the prices of Moringa to the end consumer remain low in comparison to other superfoods whilst at the same time making sure that third world farmers and their communities remain protected from exploitation.